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Major General Perry fighting a Skynet Loader

In 2027, Kyle Reese, who had served six years in the 132nd under Justin Perry, was reassigned to the Recon/Security of Tech-Com leader John Connor in the Original timeline.[1]

Dawn of Fate timeline[]

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One week prior to invasion of Cheyenne Mountain
  • Oregon Base was infiltrated by a T-800 Infiltrator, which killed all personnel there.
26 May 2027
27 May 2027
  • Skynet had utilized teleportation system.
  • Captain Perry went to investigate Federal Reserve in Los Angeles, where Skynet force was transporting platinum.
29 May 2027
01 Jun 2027

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline[]

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2027 (Second Future Timeline)


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  2. This was presumably where Derek met Cameron, or a model like her.

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