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Tara Connor fighting the Dire Wolf.

In The Terminator: Future Shock and T2 Saga, the War against the Machines ends in 2015 with the total destruction of Skynet.

Future Shock timeline[]

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A Resistance soldier loaded a virus created by Dr. Bill Hanover into the Temporal Data Transmitting System, destroying Skynet in the past and resetting the timeline.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline[]

T2 Saga timeline[]

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  • Tara Connor was targeted by Skynet and the T-Infinity was dispatch to 14 July 2015 from 2033. Infinity issue 5
  • The T-Infinity raided the Resistance Headquarters in Treton, New Jersey. During a battle, it was attacked by John Connor and its onbard Time Displacement Equipment accidentally sent both to the year 1996. Revolution issue 1
  • Fearing the T-Infinity was compromised and fell into the Resistance's hand when losing contact with the machine, Skynet dispatch the Dire Wolf to 2015 from 2033 to destroy the T-Infinity.
  • The Dire Wolf followed T-Infinity's trails to the Resistance Headquarters Revolution issue 2 before heading to the Time Displacement Equipment in the Temporal Division in Skynet Research and Development Facility in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Dire Wolf travelled to 1996 and Kyle follow it. Revolution issue 4
  • Tara coordinated Resistance branches all over the state of New York to launch attacks in every regional servers, including Liberty, Ithaca, Rochester, Meadville, Hancock, Jamestown, Syracuse, Monticello.
  • Buffalo Missile Command Center was took over by one of the Resistance teams, who then contact Tara.
  • John and Kyle travelled back to 2015 from 1996 with the wreckage of T-Infinity and arrived Tara's place. John provided the coordinate of Skynet Hub, which he retrieved from T-Infinity's neural network, and the Resistance fired a missile toward the Hub.
  • The missile destroyed Skynet completely and ended the War against the Machines. Revolution issue 5

Salvation timeline[]

Molly Kookesh met Geir Svensen when her Resistance group freed a number of prisoners from a Skynet interrogation facility in 2015 and he was found in solitary confinement there. They fought a number of T-70 Terminators side-by-side in order to escape.[3]


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