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In Original timeline, Kyle Reese was born in 2007 to Dennis Reese and Mary Shea.[1]

Jade's World[]

In Jade's World, Sarah Connor and her son John was killed in 2007 when they were trying to destroy Skynet during February in 2007. Later in the year, Skynet went online, but it did not become sentient until 2021.[2]

T2 Saga timeline[]

In T2 Saga timeline, Kate Brewster was killed in 2007.[3]

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline[]

Main article: The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline§2007
9 September
  • Sarah Connor, John Connor, and Cameron arrived in 2007 from 1999 and decided to stop Skynet once and for all. Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode
  • Cromartie, whose head also travelled through time, rebuilt itself and continued on his mission to find and terminate John Connor.
  • Agent Ellison followed up on the deaths, which unknown to him were linked to Terminators.
15 to 17 November[4]


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