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T-850 Sets His Clock

In the Rise of the Machines, Salvation and NOW Comics timelines, Judgment Day occurred in 2004.

John's World timeline[]

After destroying Skynet forces in both Skynet's World (2029) and Jade's World (2036), the Connors returned to their home timeline, John's World. Times of Trouble

Rise of the Machines timeline[]

Main article: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (film)
24 July (Saturday) [1]
25 July (Sunday)
  • While looking for Katherine Brewster at the Emery Animal Hospital, the T-X killed Betsy Steinberg.
  • Still searching for Katherine Bewster, the T-X determined that her primary target, John Connor was somewhere nearby.
  • The Emery Animal Hospital was severely damaged when the T-850 rescues Katherine Brewster from the T-X.
  • The T-850's primary Hydrogen fuel cell was damaged during a battle with the T-X. It later discard the damaged cell, which caused an extreme explosion.
  • The T-X murdered Scott Mason and impersonated him upon answering the door for Detective Edwards and Detective Bell from LAPD.
  • Upon the ordered of the Admiral James Morrison, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Robert Brewster gave complete control of the United States military to Skynet, unaware that it had become self-aware.
  • Acting on the influence of the T-X, the T-1 initiated a massacre, killing anyone in Edwards Air Force Base that present a threat to Skynet.
  • Robert Brewster died after being shot several times by the T-X, but not before giving John Connor and his daughter, Katherine Brewster a folder of codes and instructions to proceed to Crystal Peak.
  • After an intense bout hand to hand combat, the T-X corrupted the T-850's system via Nanotechnological Transjector, but the T-850 was able to later shut down.
  • The T-850, having restarted, arrived Crystal Peak and destroy the T-X, saving John Connor and Katherine Brewster's life.
  • At 6:18 PM,[3] Skynet initiated the first launch sequences, causing Judgment Day.

Salvation timeline[]

In Salvation timeline, Judgment Day happened on July 25,[4] 2004.[5]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles[]

In The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, on May 30, Charley Dixon was honored with a plaque along with other EMTs for their heroic efforts in Van Nuys, California getting his name in the Los Angeles Sun. "Gnothi Seauton"

Genisys timeline[]

In Genisys timeline, Kyle Reese was born in 2004 to Dennis Reese and Mary Shea.[6]

NOW Comics timeline[]

In the NOW Comics timeline, Skynet launched 25% of the world's nuclear arsenal on 2004.[7]



  1. The date is given when the T-850 analyzes the current date and time. The last date seen is 07.24.2004 and the information ACCURATE appears.
  2. In the novelization of novelization of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the T-X arrived 2003 from 2029, while in Terminator 3: Eyes of the Rise, it arrived 2004 from 2031.
  3. The T-850 noted the exact time when the launch sequences would begin to John Connor.
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