T-850 Sync

T-850 Sets His Clock

2004 is the year a postponed Judgment Day[1] occurs due to the events of 1995.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


24 (Saturday)[2]
25 (Sunday)[6]
  • While looking for Katherine Brewster at the Emery Animal Hospital, the T-X murders a female cat owner named Betsy.[4]
  • Still searching for Katherine Bewster, the T-X determines that her primary target, John Connor is somewhere nearby.[4]
  • The Emery Animal Hospital is severely damaged when the T-850 rescues Katherine Brewster from the T-X.[4]
  • The T-850's primary fuel cell is damaged during a battle with the T-X.[4]
  • The T-X murders Scott Mason and mimics his form upon answering the door for two Los Angeles Police Department detectives.[4]
  • While still at Greenlawn Cemetery, Katherine Brewster encounters Peter Silberman, now working for the Sheriff's department as a post-trauma counselor. Silberman runs away in fear upon recognizing the Model 101 template.[4]
  • Katherine Brewster watches in horror as the form of Scott Mason turns into the T-X, later learning of Scott's death and that the T-X is pollymemitic.
  • Upon the orders of the Chairman, Robert Brewster gives complete control of the United States military to Skynet, unaware that it has become self-aware.[4]
  • Acting on the influence of the T-X, the Series T1's initiate a massacre, killing anyone that present a threat to Skynet.[4]
  • Robert Brewster dies after being shot several times by the T-X, but not before giving John Connor and his daughter, Katherine Brewster a folder of codes and instructions to proceed to Crystal Peak.[4]
  • After an intense bout hand to hand combat, the T-X is able to corrupt the T-850's system, but T-850 is able to later shut down.[4]
  • The T-850, having restarted, arrives to Crystal Peak and is able to destroy the T-X, saving John Connor and Katherine Brewster's life.[4]
  • At 6:18 PM[7] Skynet initiates the first launch sequences, finally bring about Judgment Day.[4]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


  • Charley Dixon is honored with a plaque along with other EMTs for their heroic efforts in Van Nuys, California getting his name in the Los Angeles Sun.[8]

Terminator Genisys

Kyle Reese was born [9] originally in a world ravaged by Judgment Day, but once timeline divergences were set in place in 2029, in a still intact San Francisco.[10]


  1. The Terminator tells John Connor that "Judgment Day is inevitable"
  2. The date is given when the T-850 analyzes the current date and time. The last date seen is 07.24.2004 and the information ACCURATE appears.
  3. A specific date of where the T-X came from is not mentioned, but it is likely from the same time as the T-850
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  6. The date July 25th, 2004 is also mentioned as Judgment Day in the novel Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes.
  7. The T-850 noted the exact time when the launch sequences would begin to John Connor
  8. John discovers this information after doing a search on his life after the events of September 10, 1999, with a demo search engine in a local computer store.
  9. Given Kyle Reese was listed as 26 in the script for The Terminator, the year could be either 2003 or 2004 in other timelines.
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