T2 Trilogy timeline

  • The U.S government places Skynet in control of its military.
  • Skynet causes Air Force One to crash, killing the U.S President.
  • Skynet unleashes Judgment Day, destroying most major cities and ports. 1 billion Humans are killed in the nuclear holocaust.
  • Argentina escapes nuclear strikes.

Terminator Salvation timeline

  • Marcus Wright signs off on allowing Serena Kogan of Cyberdyne Systems Genetic Research Division to have custody of his body following his execution for the murder of a police officer. He is executed shortly afterward using the lethal injection.
  • Cyberdyne is later that year purchased by Cyber Research Systems Division of the US Military with all of Cyberdyne's research being absorbed under the government. It is given to General Robert Brewster who will handle the Skynet Project.[citation needed]
  • Kyle Reese is born.