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In T2 Trilogy, Kyla's World, and The Redemption timelines, Judgment Day happened in 2003.

T2 Trilogy timeline[]

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Kyla's World timeline[]

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  • T-X arrived in 2003 and began its mission.
  • T-850 arrived in 2003 and began its mission.
  • T-X acquired John Connor and Kate Brewster, but they were rescued by the T-850.
  • Skynet became self-aware.
  • Robert Brewster was killed during the Uprising in Edwards.
  • John and Kate were evacuated to Crystal Peak where they thought the Skynet's core was located.
  • T-850 sacrificed itself to terminate the T-X.
  • Skynet became self-aware and initiated Judgment Day on July 24, 2003.[1]

Salvation timeline[]

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