On September 11, 2001, the 911 terror attack on United States caused radical shift in security and anti-terror measures.[1][2]

In John's World, when the Connors travel backed to their home timeline in 2004 after their departure in 2001, Enrique Salceda mentioned the world had been changed due to the terrorists, politician, and war.[1] "Lee Portis", a Specialist arrived 2007 from the future, also reflected on the panic-driven atmosphere and collective paranoia in the US a few years earlier apparently due to the attacked.[2]

In The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, when the Connors leaped via time displacement equipment from 1999 to 2007,[3] they missed this event and are having to adapt their actions to a new world-view, and a new economy for forged identities.[4]

T2 Trilogy timeline[edit | edit source]

Main article: T2: Infiltrator

John's World timeline[edit | edit source]

In John's World, Dr. Rosanna Monk invented Time Displacement Equipment and created a prototype in 2001. However, she was brainwashed by a T-XA, who also turned several key figures from the company into its side.

In August, a team of five Specialists: Danny Dyson, Miho Tagatoshi, Anton, Selena, and Robert Baxter, arrived from 2036 of Jade's World to seek the aid of the Connors.

Baxter was killed during an attacked from the T-XA.

The Connors and the Specialists later reach Dr. Monk and battled the T-XA. Selena and Danny died in the battle, while the T-XA was destroyed in the Time Chamber.

After returning to Salceda's camp, the Connors' group were visited by Eve.

Meanwhile, the brainwashed Cyberdyne executives found they had to start over again, but they acquire the body of Specialist Selena and a small amount of the T-XA's liquid metal to study. Dark Futures Cyberdyne executives Charles Layton and Oscar Cruz, who were previously brainwashed by the T-XA, planned to fly to Washington D.C. to meet with the defense department head of the Skynet project, Jack Reed, with the intention of converting him and other powerful figures in the city. Their plan ended up foiled with Layton killed and Cruz taken into custody due to the intervention from the Connors' group.

After the incident, Reed became a believer and agreed to end the Skynet project and allowed future technology currently in Cyberdyne's hands to be confiscated and destroyed. Hence, Selena's body was later taken from Cyberdyne by the Department of Defense and cremated, though tissue samples were retained; Mimetic polyalloy residue from T-XA was destroyed in the time vault by Dr. Monk in hopes of preventing misuse in the future through reverse engineering of the sophisticated technology.

Later, John Connor, Sarah Connor, Jade, Anton, and Eve travelled to Eve's timeline — Skynet's World — to help General Connor to clean up reminiscent of Skynet force. An Evil Hour

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