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John and Cameron in 1999

In The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, 1999 is the year when the Connors were tracked down by both Cromartie and Cameron.[1]

Dark Years timeline[]

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31 December
  • On New Year's Eve, Sarah Connor and her son, John, were tracked down by a Terminator who assumed an identity of a police officer in New York.
  • Sarah was wounded by the Terminator when fleeing in a subway "The Future Ends Here!" and admitted to a hospital. "A New Ally"

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline[]

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24 August
  • The Connors were living in West Fork, Nebraska with Charley Dixon, Sarah's fiancée. Sarah took John on the run because she feared they were getting too complacent.
6 September
  • The Connors were living in Red Valley, New Mexico.
  • Cameron met John and introduced her to him at school.
7 September
  • Cromartie, who infiltrates the school as a substitute teacher, tracked John down and attacked him at school. John was saved by Cameron, who was revealed to be a Terminator.
9 September
10 September



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