Los Angeles is obliterated on August 29th 1997, in one of Sarah's dreams

In the Original timeline, Judgment Day happened in 29 August 1997.

Original timelineEdit

4 August (Monday)
  • Skynet went online after the Skynet funding bill was passed.[1]
  • Human decisions were removed from strategic defense.
  • Skynet began to learn at a geometric rate.
29 August (Friday) [2][3][1]
  • Skynet became self-aware at 2:14 AM Eastern Time.
  • The shut-down of Skynet failed. It launched nuclear missiles against targets in Russia.
  • The Russians stroke back, which began a global nuclear war. Three billion humans died.

Skynet's WorldEdit

Main article: Dark Futures

Alternate Future of Judgment Day timelineEdit

Due to the destruction of Cyberdyne Building in 1995, Judgment Day never happened. August 29, 1997 was just a normal day. Sarah Connor was going to go on the street and celebrate, but she got drunk instead.[4]

Rise of the Machines timelineEdit

  • Sarah Connor and her son John lived in Mexico.[5]
  • Some time after 29 August, Sarah died from leukemia after battling the disease for three years. John hit the road without knowing what would happen to his mother's body or where she would be buried after she died.[5]
  • Sarah's body was cremated in Mexico and her friends scatterred her ashes into the sea.[5]
  • In accordance with Sarah's will, her friends stored weapons in a coffin at the Greenlawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, pretending that it was Sarah's last resting place.[5]

Genisys timelineEdit

Judgment Day would happened on 29 August 1997 as predicted. However, due to the Attempted Assassination of Young Sarah Connor, the timeline was changed as the T-800 that arrived in 1984 was completely destroyed without leaving any wreckage by Pops. Hence, Cyberdyne Systems was never able to retrieve the T-800 Terminator's CPU chip and its wreckage to created Neural Net CPU via reverse engineering. As a result, 1997 is a normal year and Skynet did not come online until 2017, twenty years later, as Genisys. Terminator Genisys



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