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The T-850 squad fighting the T-Infinity, while Sarah Connor was escaping from the scene.

In T2 Saga timeline, Sarah Connor and her son John lived in New Orleans in 1996.

Alternate Original timeline[]

A T-850 arrived 1996 to assassinate the young John Connor. However, it was destroyed by the Connors with help from a "Terminator" sent from the future as a protector by the Resistance. [1]

T2 Saga timeline[]

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  • A squad of T-850 arrived 1996 to assassinate the young John Connor.
  • John Connor accidentally arrived 5 May 1996 from 2015 along with the T-Infinity due to an error of Time Displacement Equipment onboard the T-Infinity caused by damaged during battle. Terminator: Revolution #2
  • Dire Wolf arrived 1996 to terminate the T-Infinity. Terminator: Revolution #4
  • Kyle Reese arrived 1996.
  • The T-Infinity tracked down the Connors in Bluff Swamp, Louisiana, where it stepped into a kill box.
  • Dire Wolf tracked down the T-Infinity and terminated it. However, Dire Wolf later was terminated by the Connors.
  • John Connor and Kyle Reese travelled back to 2015 with the wreckage of the T-Infinity. Terminator: Revolution #5


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