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The destruction of the Cyberdyne Building

1995 is the year that both the Cyberdyne Building incident and the first attempted assassination of John Connor take place.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day timeline[]

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At the time, Sarah Connor, age 29,[1] had been an inmate of the Pescadero State Hospital, diagnosed with an acute schizo-affective disorder. She was housed at the maximum security wing after several attempts to escape; John Connor, age 10, was living with his foster parents Janelle and Todd Voight in Reseda, Los Angeles.[2]

Few weeks before 7 June
7 June (Wednesday)
8 June (Thursday) [4]
  • A T-800 Infiltrator with a Model 101 living tissue sheath arrived from the year 2030.[5] in Acton, California. After arriving, the T-800 went to The Corral and acquired clothing, a motorcycle, and weapons after the T-800 injured several patrons, including the one who owned the clothing and motorcycle.
  • The T-1000 Terminator Prototype arrived Los Angeles near the 6th street bridge[6] from the future to assassinate John Connor.
  • Sarah Connor signed away her legal rights as John Connor's parent, which was recorded (and later viewed by John in 2007). She then attempted her escape, which is the same date that John and the T-800 came to get her.[7][8]
  • Sarah Connor was denied a chance to at least speak with her son, John, in a rage she attacks Dr. Peter Silberman, who had her restrained and sedated.
  • The T-1000 and the T-800 both arrived the Galleria to acquire at John Connor at the same time. John was able to escape due to the T-800 distracting the T-1000 through combat.
  • After a lengthy chase, the T-1000 failed to acquire John Connor.
  • John Connor, after a discussion with the T-800, finally realized that his mother, Sarah Connor had been telling the truth in regards to Skynet, the Terminators, Judgement Day, and the Future War.
  • The T-1000 terminated Janelle and Todd Voight in an attempt to reacquire John Connor.
  • Sarah Connor was informed by Detective Mossberg and Detective Weatherby from the Los Angeles Police Department that an individual with the man that tried to kill her in 1984 had surfaced in a mall.
  • Following its mission, finding a high probability of success, T-1000 went to Pescadero State Hospital to copy Sarah Connor and await contact from John Connor. Later, Lewis, a security guard, was terminated by the T-1000, who then impersonated him to gain access to Sarah Connor.
  • Fearing for her son's life, Sarah Connor initiated an escape attempt from Pescadero State Hospital. Using Peter Silberman as a hostage, Sarah was able to make her way toward the elevators and ultimately escape the hospital with the help from T-800 and John Connor.
9 June (Friday) [9]
  • The T-800 described in detail, who Miles Dyson was and his contribution to the creation of Skynet as well as Cyberdyne Systems future success thanks to the revolutionary microprocessor, which was in fact reverse-engineered from the original T-800's CPU.
  • The Connors, along with the T-800, arrived at Enrique Salceda's for much-needed supplies, such as food, weapons and a truck. Enrique mentioned that the trio have been featured on the news and that the Police were looking for them.
  • John Connor and the T-800 discuss Kyle Reese and how John had yet to meet him for some time, along with the love that Kyle and Sarah Connor shared in their one night together.
  • After a nightmare of Judgment Day, Sarah Connor decided to murder Miles Dyson in the hopes that it would prevent the Judgment Day.
  • Sarah Connor initial failed to kill Miles Dyson, and upon zeroing on him inside his home, she backed down, realizing that she could not go through with it. After discovering Sarah's intention, John and the T-800 followed her to stop her.
  • The T-800 reveals its identity to the Dysons and later informed them of Skynet and Judgement Day.
  • Sarah Connor discovered that she was right in that Cyberdyne Systems covered up evidence of the first Terminator that she crushed in the hydraulic press.
  • The Connors, along with the T-800 and Miles Dyson, visited Cyberdyne Building to destroy Dyson' work.
  • While searching the residence of Miles Dyson, the T-1000 heard the call for back up to Cyberdyne and proceeded to the location.
  • The T-800 attacked the police force to buy time for Sarah Connor to finish setting up the bomb, while John Connor and Miles Dyson retrieved the CPU and salvaged arm of the first Terminator.
  • Miles Dyson was shot numerous times by the SWAT team and decided to stay behind while Sarah Connor barely escaped after the intervention of the T-800. Miles used his last strength to hold onto a piece of the CPU model, before he died in the resulting explosion that destroys an entire floor of the Cyberdyne Building.
  • The Connors and the T-800 acquired a SWAT van to escape.
  • After a lengthy chase, the Connors, along with the T-800, and the T-1000 ended up inside the steel mill. Ultimately, the T-1000 was destroyed by the narrow intervention of the T-800, thereby successfully completing its mission to protect John Connor. To ensure destruction of all potential Skynet creating technology, the T-800 was also destroyed. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Cybernetic Dawn timeline[]

After the T-1000 was destroyed, the Connors were targeted by another T-1000 as well as two T-800 Terminators. T2: Cybernetic Dawn

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline[]

Derek Reese was born in 1995.[10]

The Terminator: Future Shock[]

Judgment Day occurs in 1995.[11]


  • The year 1995 is strongly implied by John's police file, which states that he was born on 28 February 1985 and is now 10 years old, as well as the fact that it is summertime. However, this is contradicted by the T-800's later statement that Cyberdyne System will become the largest supplier of military computer systems in 3 years, which only would make sense if it is 1994.
  • In the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, John Connor is born in 1985 and he is 10-year-old in the film, which makes the event in T2 in 1995. However there seems to be an error as the T-800 was sent from 2029, but it stated it is sent "35 years from now", making the event in T2 in 1994. Additionally, the T-800 mentioned that Cyberdyne becomes the nation's largest supplier of military computer systems "in three years" and that Skynet goes online in 1997, also making events in T2 in 1994. However, it is also possible that the T-800 was rounding up in its estimation.
  • The novelization of Terminator 2: Judgment Day gives the latter date specifically as "June 9, 1992, Sunday," despite the fact that June 9 is not a Sunday in 1992 nor 1995 (it is a Sunday in 1991 and 1996). Note that the script/novel writers made the same mistake in The Terminator, setting the weekdays on the dates when the script was written instead of when it takes place.
  • In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (set in June 2003 [novelization and timeline in DVD extra] or 2004 [on-screen HUD]), John Connor states that T2JD event took place "ten years ago", which would set the film in 1993 or 1994. However, the feature in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines DVD states that T2 events happened on June 8–9, 1995.[4]
  • According to Terminator: Infinity, the T2JD events happened on August 11, 1995.[12]
  • According to the back-story of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the T2JD events happened on June 8 to 9, 1997.[8][13]


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