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T-800 after Sarah and Kyle

The year 1984 is a critical year in the war between humanity and the machines. It is the first known attempt on John Connor's life, by attempting to kill his mother, Sarah Connor. It is this year that will forever change the life of Sarah Connor, as she learns of her fate, and her son John's future fate — to lead The War Against The Machines as the last hope of mankind.



12 (Thursday)[1]
  • Police officers begin their night shift.
13 (Friday)[2]
  • 1:52 AM
  • Sergeant Kyle Reese of the Resistance arrives from the future to protect Connor.
  • While Sarah is at work, the Terminator kills the other two Sarah Connors listed in the phone book while Reese looks for Sarah J. Connor.
  • Sarah is stood up for her Friday night date by her boyfriend, and goes out alone.
  • Reese saves Sarah from the Terminator at Tech Noir after she finds out about the killings on the eleven o'clock news.
14 (Saturday)
  • Early AM, the Terminator attacks at the police department. Sarah and Kyle escape in a car, eventually running out of gas at 4:36 AM.
  • The Terminator kills the mother of Sarah.
  • Afternoon, they get a room at the Tiki Motel, and make pipe-bombs.
  • After dark, Sarah and Kyle conceive John Connor. This puts her 9-month due date in mid-February 1985.
15 (Sunday)
  • Early AM, They flee from the Terminator, ending up at a Cyberdyne System factory.[3] Both Kyle Reese and the Terminator are killed, while Sarah Connor survives. Being loaded into an ambulance after dawn.






  • Mary Randall meets Dudley in San Diego with nearly disastrous results. Temporarily regaining control over his Skynet implants long enough to inform Mary of the Machine and say his goodbyes, he then destroys himself with a massive cache of explosives. The Terminator: Endgame


  • A pregnant Sarah gets her picture taken at a gas station in Mexico.[4]

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Terminator: Genisys timelineEdit

May 12th


  1. May 12, 1984 was actually a Saturday in real-life. The script was originally written for 1983, but the dates were not corrected when the year was changed, resulting in the mismatch.
  2. A police officer on the night shift tells Reese it is Thursday May 12th, but later events in the film show that it is actually very early Friday morning.
  3. In a deleted scene of the film The Terminator.
  4. Date given in The Terminator novelization, which is by the scriptwriters.
  5. Note that the date is only applied to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline since John Connor was born in 1985 as shown in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day
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