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Kyle Reese asking Sergeant Nydefer the date in the alley.

The year 1984 is a critical year in the War Against the Machines as it is the first known attempt on John Connor's life, by a failed assassination on his mother, Sarah Connor. It is this year that will forever change the life of Sarah Connor, as she learns of her fate, and her son John's future fate — to lead Future War as the last hope of mankind.

John's World timeline[]

April, 1984

The Terminator[]

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12 May (Thursday) [1]
13 May (Friday)
  • While Sarah was at work, the Terminator killed the other two Sarah Connors listed in the phone book while Reese was looking for Sarah J. Connor.
  • Sarah was stood up for her Friday night date by Stan Morsky and went out alone.
  • Reese saved Sarah from the Terminator at Tech Noir after she found out about the killings on the eleven o'clock news.
14 May (Saturday)
  • Early AM, the Terminator attacked at the police department. Sarah and Kyle escaped in a car, eventually running out of gas at 4:36 AM.
  • The Terminator killed Sarah Connor's mother.
  • Afternoon, Sarah and Kyle got a room at the Tiki Motel and later made pipe-bombs.
  • After dark, Sarah and Kyle conceived John Connor. This put her 9-month due date in mid-February 1985.
15 May (Sunday)
  • Early AM, Sarah and Kyle fled from the Terminator, ending up at a Cyberdyne Systems[2] factory. Both Kyle Reese was killed during the fight, while the Terminator was destroyed by Sarah Connor.
10 November [3]

The Terminator: Sector War[]

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13 to 15 May
  • A CSM-101 T-800 Terminator arrived in New York at 09:52 pm from the 2029[4] in order to terminate NYPD Officer Lucy Castro and her boyfriend William.
  • The T-800 went to Lucy's apartment to acquire Lucy and Will. It terminated Will, but failed to terminate her. The Terminator: Sector War issue 1
  • The T-800 acquired a garbage truck on 12:52 am. It later reacquire Lucy in the night club Noise Hole. The Terminator: Sector War issue 2
  • At 02:45 am, Lucy sought help from Papa Oso, who demanded her to destory a crucial evidence for him in exchange for his favor.
  • The T-800 walked into a kill box by C-4 explosive, but it survived the attacked. Before escaping, Lucy learnt about her future daughter participated in a operation that smash Skynet's defense grid from the T-800. The Terminator: Sector War issue 3
  • At 04:17 am, Lucy was reacquired by the T-800 in a subway facility. In the ensuing fight, the T-800 was sent to bottom of the sea by Lucy with a bulldozer.
  • At 06:00 am, Lucy took subway back to 39th precinct to destroy the evidence per agreement with Papa Oso. She then quit her job. Lucy saw the attack by another T-800 in Los Angeles on news. She went to check and learnt that another target was Sarah Connor. Lucy decided left for Los Angeles to find Sarah Connor. The Terminator: Sector War issue 4

The Terminator: One Shot[]

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  • Sarah Lang, who later went on the name "Sarah Connor" after she married Michael Connor, was target by a Terminator in San Francisco.
  • The Resistance Ellis Ruggles, who arrived in 1955, picked up on the chaos surrounding the recent attempted assassination of Sarah Connor and followed the leads north to protect Sarah Lang with an anti-Terminator "Electro-Mech Fazer" weapon whose future-tech unique components were smuggled back in time by Ruggles in an unmentionalbly uncomfortable way.
  • Ruggles tried to save the Connors but died in the end. Sarah Lang was terminated by the Terminator before it sunk into the sea. The Terminator: One Shot

2029 to 1984 timeline[]

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15 May (Sunday) [5]
  • Ben Oliver arrived in 1984.[6] Later, he witnessed Kyle and Sarah's fight against the Terminator.
  • The Terminator was destroyed, while Kyle was nearly killed in the mission and Sarah thought he was dead because Mr. Cort, an government agent, ordered to bag Reese.
  • Before Kyle and Sarah could destroyed the Terminator, he impregnated her.
  • Both Reese and the wreckage of T-800 was recovered by Mr. Cort's department.
Late September [7][8]
  • Ben found Sarah in US/Mexican border and she learnt that Kyle was alive. She then decided to rescue Kyle.[5]
  • Another T-800, sent by Skynet, arrived.
  • Ben and Sarah successfully rescued Kyle from the secret facility and destroyed the wreckage of the original T-800.
  • After the rescue mission, they were attacked by the newly-arrived T-800. The Terminator was later trapped in the concrete beneath a dam under construction.
  • Mr. Cort's team was able to recover the damaged endo arm and CPU chip of the original T-800.
Three weeks later [8]
  • The Terminator broke free and started to search for Sarah Connor.

Rampage timeline[]

7 August

Endgame timeline[]

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25 July
  • Detective Mark Sloane and Mary Randall assassinated FBI agent Miles Longhurst because of his fixation on exploiting knowledge of the Terminators for defense development. They then went their separate ways, assuming the threat was ended.
30 September
  • Detective Mark Sloane documented his progress on his case tracking the serial killer "Catfish".
1 October
  • The Machine arrived in the Canadian tundra, overrides Dudley's independence and set out to terminate Sarah Connor at the hospital where she was due to give birth.
3 October
  • Mary Randall met Dudley in San Diego with nearly disastrous results. Temporarily regaining control over his Skynet implants long enough to inform Mary of the Machine and said his goodbyes, Dudley then committed suicide with a massive cache of explosives.
4 October
Note: The Tempest timeline was originally set in 1990 per Tempest issue 1. However, it was retconned to 1984 in The Terminator: Endgame.

Genisys timeline[]

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12 May (Thursday) [9]
  • Police officers began their night shift.
13 May (Friday)
  • 1:52 AM
  • Sergeant Kyle Reese of the Resistance arrived from the 2029 to protect Sarah Connor. However, he was soon attacked by a T-1000 before he was rescued by Sarah.
  • The group was reacquired by the T-1000, who then reactivated the T-800. The T-800 attacked Kyle Reese, but it was destroyed by Reese.
  • The T-1000 was destroyed by Sarah and Pops with a kill box tactics.
  • Kyle and Sarah travelled forward in time to 2017 to stop Judgment Day.

Notes and References[]

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